Escuela “Giorgio Zgrablich”

Estado del Arte en Adsorción: Avances en Teoría, Simulación y Experimentos

San Luis, 17-19 de Febrero de 2013


1. Keith Gubbins, “Thermodynamics of Confined Nano-Phases: the Role of Molecular Simulation”

2. Paulo Mota, “Review on Adsorption Processes"- Parte1

2. Paulo Mota, “Review on Adsorption Processes"- Parte2

3. Katsumi Kaneko, “Challenges with Young Colleagues for Structural Adsorption Science”

4. Jean Rouquerol, “Calorimetry and their Application to the study of Adsorbents”

5. Duong D. Do, "Multicomponent Diffusion and Adsorption in Porous Solid Adsorbents with Maxwell‐Stefan Framework"

6. Alexander Neimark, “Revisiting Percolation Models of Capillary Hysteresis”

7. Peter Monson, “Modeling, Dynamics of Fluids Confined in Mesoporous Materials”

8. Matthias Thommes “Surface and Pore Structural Characterization of Nanoporous Materials by Gas adsorption”